September 5, 2016

The development of incident response, be it in the origins of Computer Emergency Response Teams or the modern equivalent provided by the growing number of commercial breach response companies, has tended to focus on two key factors - both of which I think are a little s...

April 21, 2016

Recently, I have attended a number of events and listened to some wonderful technical minds explaining to me how various new technologies are configured to exfiltrate (by default) significant data; both user and device generated, and send it back to the suppliers and pa...

July 25, 2014

On the 23rd July 2014, the ICO web site listed this monetary fine issued to travel company Think W3 who become the 33rd organisation to be fined since the ICO started to use its powers to fine organisations for contravening the DPA.

What I find most interesting about thi...

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