STORM Guidance offer practical and instructive advice that helps businesses understand cyber risk, develop policies, and train for incident response.

Cyber risk assessment


Our experts in cybercrime, incident response and cyber insurance are available to assist your organisation in understanding potential cyber threats. Our specialists will explain cyber exposures from your perspective, presenting the dangers in the context of your business.



We develop procedures that enable businesses to handle cyber breaches with confidence. Our playbook style checklists and step-by-step instructions ensure organisations can return to business as usual with the lowest possible impact. 

Our process documents are clear, simple to execute, and will scale across your organisation without the need for constant updating.

Response training


We prepare organisations to respond to cyber incidents through immersive exercises and attack simulations. Our scenario-based drills will ensure your procedures are understood and effective. Should a cyber incident occur, we will continue to assist you with our live incident response services.


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