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Cyber attack simulations,
planning & exercises

Prepare, React, Triumph.
Navigate the complexity of cyber incidents with confidence.

Embark on a realistic cyber crisis journey

A meticulously crafted experience that propels your team into the heart of a realistic cyber crisis

From the initial sparks of a seemingly minor breach, watch as the situation unfolds and escalates, cascading into a business crisis with potentially far-reaching ramifications.

This dynamic exercise isn't just a scenario – it's a story that unfolds before your eyes, exposing vulnerabilities in people, processes & technology and encouraging your team to explore the limits of their abilities.

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What to expect from a simulated cyber attack exercise

This isn't just training; it's an immersive journey that challenges your team, and ignites critical conversations

Meticulous realism

Our simulations mirror the intricate complexities of genuine cyber threats, meticulously designed to simulate the evolution of an attack from inception to its profound consequences.

Expert-led facilitation

Guided by industry veterans who have shaped the very field they now defend, our exercise is an opportunity to learn from the best, gaining insights that can only be acquired through years of experience.

Comprehensive learning

Experience the stages of a cyber attack's progression, from initial compromise to widespread impact across your business. Witness the interplay between technology, strategy, and human response.

Crisis management

As the situation develops, participants are called upon to make critical decisions which test their adaptability. This isn't just about learning; it's about developing the skills to manage a crisis and emerge stronger.

Foster collaboration

Thriving on on teamwork, the exercise encourages participants to collaborate and strategise together. In the heat of the moment, innovative ideas and previously untapped strengths emerge.

Empower evolution

The simulation concludes with a feedback assessment, offering insights into your team's performance and areas for improvement. Use these insights to refine your cybersecurity strategy and defences.

Shape the future of your cyber defence

Prepare for the unthinkable. Ignite resilience and inspire innovation

STORM Guidance's cyber attack simulations are transformative experiences that will empower your team to elevate their defence strategies, redefine incident response protocols, and foster collaboration.

It's an investment in your organisation's cyber incident preparedness, driven by the belief that true resilience comes from tested knowledge and strategic evolution. 

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Book your cyber attack simulation now.

Contact STORM Guidance today and embark on a journey that will reshape your team's approach to business resilience.

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