We are the co-founders of  a unique, fully coordinated and integrated cyber incident response service for clients of leading cyber insurers across a wide range of international markets.

Legal Expertise
Crisis PR Advice
Digital Investigations
Credit Monitoring
Computer Forensics
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Effective Coordination: Pursuing the best lines of investigation
Managing potential impact down 
Supporting client Executives and Technical Specialists
Expert digital forensics and focused security testing
Top-tier legal and PR advice
Integrated surge notification & credit monitoring services
“Thank you ReSecure. That sounds so much better than a week ago. We would not have navigated this course without you. Thank you all for getting us to this point and we look forward to sweeping up with an action plan.”  Insured
Avoiding the Rocks
Ensuring your business navigates cyber breaches and incidents effectively
All Hands on Deck
Bringing an expert crew to maximise your response and minimise losses
Shining a Light
Ensuring first responders maintain focus and direction
Unbiased View
We don't sell products or services which may present conflict in an investigation
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