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Corporate responsibilities

STORM Guidance places customers and partners at the centre of all its activities as relationships are important, and without customers we would have no business. 

Sound relationships are based on trust, and trust is earned overtime when there is good alignment with customer needs and expectations.  To ensure that our services deliver on their promise, we spend time listening to customers to understand their challenges and to ensure that our services are effective and meeting these challenges.  Our commitment to customers is underpinned by a quality policy that set the agenda for driving standards of performance and improvement.

While customers greatly influence our endeavours, so does the environment, albeit on a different level.

The damage industrialised nations have inflicted on the environment over the past 150 years is all too evident and whilst STORM’s environmental footprint is modest, the company recognises that we all have a role to play in reversing the decline. STORM’s aim is to operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, and to fully integrate sustainability into its planning, processes, and culture.  


STORM Guidance corporate responsibilities

STORM’s commitment to quality, sustainability and protection of the environment is enshrined in its Quality and Environmental Management policies. 

STORM Quality policy

STORM Environmental policy

STORM places great emphasis on quality management, recognising that discipline, measurement and control has the potential to improve the company’s overall performance and provide a platform for sustainable development of products and services.  

STORM recognises it has a social responsibility and duty to manage its operations in ways that are sustainable and protect the environment. 

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