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Rapid identification of sensitive personal and business data

Identify sensitive data

Confidently identify sensitive data hidden in a range of formats and repositories

CyberDiscover allows you to analyse your data sets to find sensitive information at risk of falling into the wrong hands. And when a breach has occurred, CyberDiscover rapidly extracts personally identifiable information (PII) from the stolen dataset, allowing you to act fast in notifying victims.

CyberDiscover uses many years of experience and advanced technology to discover sensitive information contained within large filesystems, mailboxes, and other repositories. Our processes are optimised using integrated data analysis and AI, to give accurate results that are delivered in an actionable format, so that you can inform clients and drive your notification procedures.

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The process of identifying sensitive data

CyberDiscover features

Rapid results

Identifies high-priority information such as account credentials, passwords, passports, driver’s licences, financial details, and government IDs such as National Insurance and Social Security numbers.

Manual analysis

Our dedicated PII team offers in-depth manual analysis to support our automated results. The addition of these specialist skills enriches findings and provides the expertise to dig deeper where necessary.

Filterable report

The analysis results are provided in a fully catalogued written report, clearly identifying all breached data. The report allows you to filter results, working with you and your notification schedule.

Notification tool

CyberDiscover incorporates a fully integrated bulk notification tool for dynamically emailing compromised data subjects. Customized breach notifications allow you to give a personal touch to these challenging communications.

Aviva Storm Guidance insurance partner

The safety and security of private and sensitive data is high on all businesses agendas. Aviva provides support to customers to understand their cyber exposures and working with STORM, who are experts in cyber risk and analysis, we are able to deliver risk insights and cyber security solutions to help protect our customers and their businesses.

Justin Linney, Head of Risk Management - Aviva Insurance

We're here to help you manage client risk

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