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STORM products and services; the complete cybersecurity toolkit

Using our combined cyber risk experience, STORM Guidance have developed a suite of products and services to assess cyber risk, plan for, and respond to any cyber incident.



STORMs complete range of products designed to support insurance markets through the lifecycle of a policy, whilst guiding individual businesses through cyber risk and preparedness. 


Practical and effective advice for guiding businesses through the complexities of cybersecurity and cyber risk. We also provide tabletop exercises, incident response training and policy review.

Independent services

Our response and investigation services are modular, meaning clients can select the specific specialisms needed to enhance any existing capabilities, such as our Threat Actor engagement service.

Our cybersecurity management products

STORM products form an essential toolkit for the cyber insurance market

Our suite of products are designed to help insurers and brokers assess the cyber risk exposure of their clients, compare insurance policies and wordings, and provide incident support to clients who have suffered a breach. 

Cyber3 is a cybersecurity assessment covering common questions from insurance underwriters.

Cyber3 cybersecurity audit

CyberProfiler is a cybersecurity exposure scan, giving you an 'Attacker's Eye View'™ of your organisation.

CyberProfiler cyber exposure scan

CyberDecider is a cyber insurance policy comparison engine for specialist brokers.

CyberDecider cyber insurance comparison

CyberSeven is a tool to help executives assess key risk management strategies.

CyberSeven cyber risk management

ReSecure helps insured clients investigate and recover from incidents.

ReSecure cyber incident recovery

CyberCare is a one-stop-shop for SME cyber incident response and recovery.

CyberCare SME cyber incident response

Cybersecurity consulting services

STORM provides bespoke consulting services, guaranteeing effective Cyber Incident Response (CIR)

Cyber incidents present a systemic risk to businesses worldwide. The inevitability of suffering an attack means businesses should prepare for when, not if, their systems are breached. 

Assess cyber risk and CIR readiness

Our seasoned cyber security experts are available to comprehensively identify cyber risk, and assess your organisation's Cyber Incident Response (CIR) readiness. Our advice is based on our decades of IT and information security management experience, with the latest frontline incident response knowledge.

Review policies, plans and procedures

We can support organisations in developing clear and effective plans and procedures for responding to cyber incidents. Our playbook-style checklists and step-by-step instructions safeguard businesses, establishing strategies that enable the return to business as usual with minimal impact. ​

Response training and tabletop exercises

Our training ensures staff know how to operate securely, identify threats, and respond effectively should an incident occur. We also provide immersive exercises and attack simulations that put existing procedures to the test, guaranteeing they are understood and effective. 

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Modular cybersecurity services

Our response services are modular, meaning clients can combine any of our specialisms to existing capabilities  

STORM provides a wealth of bespoke services for supporting organisations with specialist help to manage cyber incidents and data breaches.

We offer all of our capabilities as standalone services for businesses seeking to combine their existing incident response resources with our expertise. Our services easily integrate with in-house security teams, even in the heat of an active incident, to achieve the best possible outcomes. Here are some example capabilities that are provided as standalone services.  

Threat actor engagement

Our extortion specialists are uniquely skilled in managing threat actor and cybercriminal engagement, extracting invaluable information to support investigations. 

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Dataset/mailbox analysis 

We have developed bespoke tools to help clients comply with the data protection act and other regulations. Our tools quickly extract Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from breached data sets. 

Cybercrime investigation

By combining excellence in people and technology, we rapidly determine the severity of an incident and provide expert case coordination. STORMs investigators can respond to any type of cybercrime. 

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We're here to help you manage cyber risk

For more information about our services, or for immediate support, contact our team today.

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