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At STORM Guidance we offer clarity on information risks, planning for the management of cyber incidents, and recovery for when they occur.


Our purpose

STORM is an acronym that describes our focus; Strategic, Tactical & Operational Risk Management

We provide specialist tools and advisory services developed specifically to aid underwriters, brokers, and their customers - and directly for businesses of all sizes - to effectively manage cyber risk at all levels.


Our services offer clarity on information risks, plans for managing cyber incidents, and coordination of response to both investigate and recover when incidents occur. 

Our specialists have helped hundreds of clients recover from a range of cyber incidents, including Ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Extortion and Data Theft.

STORM Guidance’s mantra is Assess, Plan, and Respond. It's what we do.


Helping clients understand their cyber resilience and giving clarity to infosec risk, with concise reports and jargon-free language via the Cyber3 and Cyber Seven assessment tools.


Offering specialist business consultancy, policy guidelines and response procedures. Our information security best practices are provided by some of the most seasoned professionals in our field. Read more about our consulting services here.


Providing unrivalled incident response to businesses who’ve fallen victim to digital fraud. Partnered by 11 leading insurers.

We assist insured organisations directly or through our ReSecure product. Read more about our response services here.


Our story

Our founder and CEO Neil Hare-Brown, is a pioneering member of the cyber risk and digital investigation community

During his prominent career Neil formed the first digital forensics company in the UK, graduated MSc in Information Security from Royal Holloway, and wrote ‘Information Security Incident Management: A Methodology’ defining the best practices for cyber incident management. 

In 2014, Neil saw an opportunity to help victims of cybercrime by supporting cyber insurance markets and he launched STORM Guidance; a boutique-style advisory firm providing services to cyber insurers, brokers and their customers to better manage cyber risk and respond effectively to cyber incidents.

ReSecure, STORM’s first service, created in partnership with leading insurance law firm RPC, provides access to a combined team of specialists offering full cyber incident coordination, including technical forensic investigation, systems recovery, legal advice, and public relations support. ReSecure provides services to many cyber insurers and their clients.

STORM has also developed a suite of tools to assess, plan and respond to cyber incidents; from expert-driven risk reviews and board-level self-assessments to our award-winning cyber insurance comparison engine.

With the dedication of STORM's team of specialists, our mission to simplify cybersecurity and de-mystify cyber risk continues. Our objective is to explain the value of cyber insurance, optimise cyber risk management maturity and minimise the losses when incidents occur.

Our press

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Our people

Cybercriminals and technologies are continuously learning and evolving. That’s why STORM’s team of experts strive to adapt; much, faster

We’ve appointed a team of the very best cyber professionals in digital investigation, incident coordination, risk management, cyber consultancy, banking security, private equity & asset management, industrial control systems, IT forensics and law enforcement. 


Neil Hare-Brown

As Founder & CEO, Neil has over 30 years of technical and management experience in digital investigations, incident coordination, security audit and risk management.


Bruce Dockeray

As our Finance Director, Bruce is a chartered accountant with many years experience in the banking, private equity & asset management sectors as well as IT project management.


Nigel Adcock

As our Head of Risk Consulting, Nigel is highly experienced in cyber risk assessments, information governance and systems assurance across a range of business sectors.


Hani Banayoti

As a Senior Information Security Advisor, Hani has extensive experience in managing cyber incidents with specific expertise in industrial control, government & financial sectors. 


Don Codling

As Head of Risk Consulting in the US, Don brings many years of cyber operations and investigations experience as a senior agent with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Narayan Gangalaramsamy

As founder of the IT Forensics Unit and CIO at the Mauritius Police Force, Narayan has considerable experience in managing a range of digital investigations and IT projects.

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