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Complete cyber
incident response
and investigation

STORM provides businesses with a fast and effective response to cyber incidents and coordinated digital forensic investigations.

24/7 cyber incident response & digital investigators

Leading providers in Cyber Incident Response (CIR), investigation, & recovery

STORMs global network of certified cybersecurity and digital forensic experts assists organisations across every industry sector in the management of all forms of cyber incident. 

STORM Guidance is a trusted CIR service provider, responding to hundreds of incidents each year. Our team comprises leading minds in cybersecurity and incident response as pioneers of the most effective methodologies and techniques for rapid response and recovery. If you or a client have fallen victim to a data breach, phishing scam, malicious software, mailbox compromise, fraud, cybercrime, or any other cyber incident, we are here to help. 


Cyber incident response services

Cyber investigation, incident response capabilities and threat intelligence

Incident response

The leading minds in incident coordination and technical response.


By combining excellence in people and technology, we rapidly determine the severity of an incident and provide expert case coordination. STORMs investigators are seasoned experts, ensuring immediate coordinated response and optimum outcomes whilst minimising disruption to business operations and reputation.

Cyber criminal investigation

Combining decades of experience in investigative and forensic techniques, with local and international reach.


STORM works with you to research cybercriminals and their actions. Our tried and tested methodologies and threat intelligence reveal the often overlooked techniques and evidence invaluable for linking incidents to their criminal perpetrators. Our extensive relationships with intelligence services, law enforcement, and government agencies, help us to build evidence. We are also on hand to serve as credible expert witnesses where required.

Threat actor engagement

STORMs engagement teams are comprised of former Law Enforcement Agents seasoned in threat actor engagement and ransomware negotiation.


Our extortion specialists are uniquely skilled in managing threat actor and cybercriminal engagement, extracting invaluable information to support investigations. Experienced ex-law enforcement negotiators lead our communications, and settlement experts bring calm and rigour to achieve the best financial outcome when ransom settlements are necessary. 

Dataset/Mailbox analysis 

STORMs advanced dataset scanning facility rapidly extracts sensitive information from breached data sets.


Our team has developed bespoke analysis tools to help clients comply with data protection and other regulations. Our tools quickly extract Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from breached data sets including email content and attachments, files, documents and databases. We also provide in-depth manual analysis of datasets with bulk notification tools for alerting data subjects at scale.

Digital forensics

STORMs certified forensics experts ensure that no digital evidence is overlooked.


Our forensics team is on hand to assist with collecting and analysing evidence for investigations, litigation, fraud, financial scams, cyber crime, employee misconduct, and all other forms of malpractice. We have a rich history of working collaboratively with legal, law enforcement, regulators and other government agencies to provide digital proof, expert evaluation, reports and testimonies.

Recovery of technology, data, & funds

We reduce the impact of cyberattacks by rapidly recovering IT systems and funds.


STORMs remediation and recovery services help victims of ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and all other forms of cybercrime for quick and effective restoration. Our multidisciplinary team recovers deleted, manipulated, or encrypted data, and our financial fraud experts are on hand to locate and recover stolen funds. 

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

STORMs specialists use open source data to keep abreast of incidents and to investigate the risks to our clients.


We combine various intelligence sources, including social media, and other surface sources with Deep and Dark Web data, to understand threat actors and to stay ahead of emerging incidents. Outside of incident investigation and risk assessment, our open source specialists are also on hand to delve deeper into threat actors, suspicious organisations, and criminal groups of interest.

Cybercrime Trauma Therapy

We help you and your employees recover from the detrimental effects of a traumatic cyber incident.


Victims of cybercrime often suffer harmful effects to their well-being caused by the intense stress of an incident. To assist with recovery, STORM provides counselling for victims of cybercrime to help address these negative effects. Our fully qualified therapist has extensive experience working with victims of crime, helping to empower victims with acceptance, understanding, and recovery.

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We help you in the response to cybercrime

For more about our investigation and response services, or for immediate cyber incident support, contact our team today.

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