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Rapid Risk Review

Helping Mauritian organisations build robust cyber security through risk management and cybercrime resilience.

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Cyber3 - Overview

Increased digital dependence and the rise in cyber threats are outpacing cyber security controls within organisations

Cyber3 addresses this by comprehensively assessing vulnerabilities, using advanced techniques and insights into current and realistic risk concerns.

Our assessment has been developed by some of the leading minds in security and cyber risk and is based on international best practices from standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and NIST. Cyber3 incorporates a domain and infrastructure scan using our unique CyberProfiler: Attackers Eye View™ analysis tool. Assessed clients receive a comprehensive report with an expert opinion statement, access to an online remediation portal, and certification upon completion.

Or call the team: +230 434 1277


Cyber3 features

Our assessment is delivered over a 90-minute web meeing with a STORM Guidance cyber expert. The report is one of the most effective identifiers for cyber risk, comparable in quality to a two-week onsite assessment.

Each Cyber3 report includes the following:

  • A cyber expert opinion statement

  • A Cyber Risk Management Maturity (CRMM) scorecard

  • A detailed risk picture with in-depth remediation advice

  • A data asset register, built from client assessment responses

  • A complete domain exposure analysis with CyberProfiler

  • A prioritised improvement checklist

Or call the team: +230 434 1277


Get a complete organisational assessment for Rs 52,000*

Get a comprehensive organisational assessment, including maturity scoring of essential processes, an Attackers Eye View™ report and a full remediation strategy.

With only 90 minutes of your time via a one-to-one call, we can provide you with a thorough security assessment and a path to cyber resilience.

Or call the team: +230 434 1277

* For businesses that generate less than Rs 1bn revenue. Organisations with larger digital estates and more than Rs 1bn annual turnover can get a complete review for between Rs 150,000 to Rs 200,000.

About STORM Guidance?

The Cyber3 leading risk assessment was developed by STORM Guidance

STORM Guidance delivers the complete toolset of specialist products and services enabling organisations to reduce their ever-growing cyber challenges.

As a well-established and trusted partner in the insurance market and the business community, our services are accessible either directly, or through many leading insurance policies.


Our experienced team includes the best cyber professionals in digital investigation, incident coordination, risk management, cyber consultancy, banking security, industrial control systems, IT forensics, and law enforcement. Together, we have helped thousands of clients assess, plan, and respond to all aspects of cybercrime.


STORM stands for Strategic, Tactical & Operational Risk Management. It’s what we do.

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