Using our combined cyber risk experience, STORM Guidance have developed a suite of tools to assess, plan and respond to inevitable cyber incidents.


Incident response

We deliver incident response and digital investigations services to businesses that have fallen victim to cybercrime.


We provide practical and instructive advice that helps businesses understand cyber risks, develop procedures and train for incident response.


Our experienced specialists are available to investigate cybercrime and fraud. We can also facilitate the negotiation of ransoms and recovery of IT and lost funds.


Our range of essential tools developed to assess, plan, and respond to cyber risk. From expert-driven cyber risk reviews, board-level self-assessments, and digital investigations; to incident response and cyber insurance comparison tools - we constantly innovate!

CyberDecider is a cyber insurance policy comparison engine for specialist brokers.

CyberProfiler helps you understand your organisation's risk from an attackers perspective.

Cyber3 is a risk assessment covering questions from insurance underwriters.

CyberSeven is a tool to help executives assess key cyber risk management strategies.

ReSecure helps insured clients investigate and recover from cyber incidents.

CyberCare is a one-stop-shop for SME cyber incident response and recovery.

Cyber breach response

Ransomware first responders

If you’ve suffered a ransomware attack, our response services are accessible 24/7, with a team of dedicated specialists who will help you restore your systems and recover data.


Experiencing a ransomware attack can be an incredibly stressful and often debilitating event. We help our clients by alleviating pressure and providing the best chance of recovery. Our ransomware response specialists are on hand to investigate and recover; whilst facilitating all communications and negotiations with the attackers. As part of our service, we offer trauma counselling for victims of cybercrime.

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We’ve helped some of the World’s leading underwriters and their customers with risk management.


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