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  • Rosanna Hayes

We're Hiring a New Senior Digital Investigator!

STORM Guidance is a leading cyber incident response team founded in 2014.

Based in the UK with offices in the US and Mauritius, we are looking for a self-motivated and seasoned IT and information security professional with an inquisitive mind.

The ideal candidate will have broad experience and technical excellence, and the ability to maintain a cool head whilst empathising with clients suffering cyber incidents across a range of sectors.

The Senior Digital Investigator serves as a tactical arm of STORM Guidance Cyber Incident Response team services. The main function of this role is to drive deep expertise and experience in computer incident response, IT investigations, and digital forensics throughout service delivery operations. The position handles the most volatile and complex casework while ensuring optimum quality of service and responsiveness.

Our casework is mainly cyber insurance-driven, and predominantly financially motivated data breaches. However, cases can sometimes involve insider misuse and ideology-driven attacks aimed at information gathering/data theft, disruption, fraud, and extortion. Real domain expertise, mixed with the ability to execute and mastery of relevant technologies must produce investigative conclusions that ultimately stand scrutiny in the court of law.

The position operates in close coordination with our legal partners to drive rapid mobilisation, source identification, containment, and quantification of informational losses in response to cyberattacks, both immediately post-incident and occasionally whilst in progress.


  • Drive deep domain expertise into our existing cyber incident response, IT investigations, and digital forensics operations.

  • Leverage and manage suitable use of our specialists to build virtual teams needed for each investigation and recovery assignment.

  • Confidently serve as case lead in the most demanding and volatile cyber investigations.

  • Be a tactical force multiplier for all open and active investigations.

  • Provide optimal quality of service with excellent client and partner communications.

  • Strive for attention to detail and excellence in service delivery.

  • Assist in scoping, pricing, and work assignment activities as needed.

  • Continually research and develop new methods and approaches to improve service delivery.

  • Provide support and mentoring to junior-level staff.


  • 8+ years directly relevant industry experience

  • Fluent English (verbal and written)

  • This is a fully remote position: the candidate will be required to work independently and collaboratively to GMT time zones

  • Ability to work in pressurised situations

  • Demonstrable expertise in IT investigations and digital forensics

  • Strong working knowledge of information security fundamentals

  • Security consulting and/or case investigation background preferred

  • Excellent written and verbal communication, listening, and client management skills

  • Ability to articulate complex IT technical information to customers in a non-technical way

  • Self-motivated, strong analytical skills and detail-oriented

  • Demonstrated presentation skills

  • Curious, investigative outlook, with the ability to set and manage expectations

  • Comfortable working with all levels of management and clients

How to apply

If you would like to find out more or apply for the position, please contact -


Why a Career with STORM Guidance?

Our Culture

At STORM we work in a collaborative and innovative work environment. We work with brilliant and passionate people who strive and encourage others to do their best. STORM’s idea-rich environment welcomes creative and sometimes unconventional perspectives.

Growth Opportunities

At STORM you will have the opportunity to grow and make an impact from your work. We encourage innovation in all who become a part of our team. With growing operations internationally, there ar lots of lateral and upward advancement opportunities for rewarding and developing careers. We are strong believers in continuing education and provide the resources that you need to continue to learn and excel.


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