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Assess. Plan. Respond.

Cyber incident response & risk management for insurance markets

Specialist advisory services for the cyber insurance market

An extensive suite of cybersecurity risk management services and coordinated cyber incident response.

We help cyber insurance underwriters, brokers, and their customers understand their information risks, with one-to-one guidance from an assigned digital investigator.

We devise plans for managing incidents and assist in coordinating the response using digital investigations and advanced recovery techniques.

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Cyber insurance and broker partners

Cyber insurance & broker partners

How we work with Insurers

STORM works with cyber insurers and brokers, providing solutions for the understanding and improvement of risk management, and the resources to respond to incidents when they occur. 

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Aviva Storm Guidance insurance partner
QBE Storm Guidance insurance partner
ED Storm Guidance insurance partner
NMU Storm Guidance insurance partner
Liberty Storm Guidance insurance partner
Cyber rapid response team

Cyber incident response

Need immediate support?

Our cybersecurity experts and digital investigators are available to help examine, respond to, and recover from incidents.

If your business has fallen victim to a data breach, phishing scam, malicious software, mailbox compromise, fraud, or any other cybercrime, our rapid response team can help.

Or call: +44-203-693-7480

About STORM Guidance

STORM: Strategic, Tactical & Operational Risk Management 

STORM Guidance provides specialist tools and advisory services developed specifically to aid cyber insurance underwriters, brokers, and their customers, and also directly for businesses of all sizes. 

Our services offer clarity on information risks, planning for the management of cyber incidents, and the coordination of both investigation and recovery when incidents occur. Our specialists have helped hundreds of clients recover from a range of incidents, including Ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Extortion, and Data Theft.

STORM Guidance’s mantra is: Assess, Plan, and Respond. It’s what we do.


Understand your cyber resilience and gain clarity over infosec risk

Get concise reports and jargon-free language via the Cyber3 and CyberSeven assessment tools.


Cybersecurity consultancy,  guidelines and response

Our information security best practices are provided by some of the most seasoned cybersecurity experts.

 We assist insured organisations directly or through our ReSecure product. 


Unrivalled incident response for victims of digital fraud


Cybersecurity assessment & cyber risk remediation plan

Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review. Find vulnerabilities and remediate risk.

A unique and comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, providing a straightforward understanding of exposures and incident prevention for insurers, brokers, and their clients.

Supporting insurers and brokers in understanding the risk across their books with a unique dashboard for detailed insights into client risk management maturity. Featuring questions commonly asked by cyber insurance underwriters, Cyber3 helps existing or prospective clients understand the need for better cybersecurity.

Digital investigators review

In-depth, 90 minute cybersecurity assessment to identify key risk indicators
Technical vulnerability scan with our CyberProfiler: Attacker’s Eye View™
ISO 9001 / 14001 / 27001, PCI DSS, NIST, ENISA compliant

Cyber maturity scoring

Dashboard-style presentation and custom-written report
Straightforward 1-5 score in five areas of cyber risk management maturity
Jargon-less risk results with visual high/medium/low risk determination

Cyber risk remediation

Formal data asset register generated
Improvements prioritised into checklist of measurable actions
Clear and practical remediation advice for every high and medium risk, with commentary on low risks

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ED Storm Guidance insurance partner

We've been working with STORM Guidance for some time, utilising their services and expertise in the management of risk across our client books. STORM's comprehensive cybersecurity assessment supports our risk portfolio, playing a key role in the success of our cyber centre of excellence, and risk solutions.

Henry Warner, Divisional Director - Cyber, Ed.

Cybersecurity exposure scan

CyberProfiler gives you a unique 'Attacker's Eye View'™ of your business

Understand your organisation's cybersecurity exposure from an attacker’s perspective. A cyber assessment framework powered by first hand cyber-attack response insights.

Supporting insurers and brokers in understanding the risk across their books, whilst providing the information they need to help their customers proactively improve security, mitigate risks, eliminate vulnerabilities, and meet compliance standards. 

Make your business difficult to surveil

Our service includes active scanning for vulnerable technologies, configurations, user accounts, registered domains, third party links, budgetary spend, and other sensitive details.

Be the hard target

Poorly configured networks and outdated services make you an easy target.
As with traditional crime, if opportunists find profiling hard, they will move on to softer targets. Our monthly review allows you to identify what your online services reveal to cyber criminals.

Actively defend your organisation

With our monthly assessment, you can detect vulnerabilities as they happen, rather than after an attacker has discovered them.
We summarise our findings and if needed, we can consult your business on remediation. 

QBE Storm Guidance insurance partner

This non-invasive Cyber Profiling service can provide businesses with insight into the potential exposures that cybercriminals can exploit, and empowerment to take practical steps to remediate risks.  We are confident our customers will find this service complements their existing cybersecurity services and contributes to strengthening their cyber resilience.

Jaini Gudhka, Senior Risk Manager - QBE

Ransomware incident response and recovery

Initiate ransomware negotiations, restore systems, and recover data

If you’ve suffered a ransomware attack, our cyber rapid response team are accessible 24/7, with dedicated specialists who will help you restore your systems and recover data.

Experiencing a ransomware attack can be an incredibly stressful and often debilitating event. We help our clients by alleviating pressure and providing the best chance of recovery. Our ransomware incident response specialists are on hand to investigate and recover, whilst facilitating all communications and negotiations with the attackers. As part of our service, we offer trauma counselling for victims of cybercrime.

Digital investigators

24/7 access to specialists
Coordinated investigative and restorative response
Procurement of decryption tools and execution of decryption process

Ransomware negotiations

Former Law Enforcement Agent extortion negotiators
Complete Operational Security (OpSec) compliance and identity protection
Formulation and execution of client sanctioned negotiation objectives to drive optimum outcomes

Extortion settlement

Full sanctions checks and reporting with any necessary liaison with law enforcement & regulators
Facilitate payments in a range of cryptocurrencies
Complete financial accounting and interaction with insurers where required
Blockchain analysis & tracing


Legal and crisis advice
Fast decryption capability
Public relations support
Trauma counselling for victims of crime

ransomware response
Aviva Storm Guidance insurance partner

The safety and security of private and sensitive data is high on all businesses agendas. Aviva provides support to customers to understand their Cyber exposures and working with STORM, who are experts in Cyber risk and analysis, we are able to deliver risk insights and Cyber security solutions to help protect our customers and their businesses.

Justin Linney, Head of Risk Management - Aviva Insurance

STORM Guidance cyber security services

Essential tools developed to assess, plan, and respond to cyber risk.

From expert-driven risk reviews, board-level self-assessments, and digital investigations; to incident response and cyber insurance comparison tools.

View our suite of products below

Cyber3 is a cybersecurity assessment covering common questions from insurance underwriters.

Cyber3 cybersecurity audit

CyberProfiler is a cybersecurity exposure scan, giving you an 'Attacker's Eye View'™ of your organisation.

CyberProfiler cyber exposure scan

CyberDecider is a cyber insurance policy comparison engine for specialist brokers.

CyberDecider cyber insurance comparison

CyberSeven is a tool to help executives assess key risk management strategies.

CyberSeven cyber risk management

ReSecure helps insured clients investigate and recover from incidents.

ReSecure cyber incident recovery

CyberCare is a one-stop-shop for SME cyber incident response and recovery.

CyberCare SME cyber incident response

We're here to help you manage cyber risk

If you need an independent team of highly qualified cybersecurity experts and digital investigators, contact STORM Guidance

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