Assess. Plan. Respond.

We help insurers, brokers, and their customers understand

and respond effectively to cyber risk.



What we do

STORM provides a comprehensive suite of specialist advisory services which help our clients to understand their information risks. We devise plans for managing cyber incidents and assist in coordinating the response to incidents when they occur using digital investigations and advanced recovery techniques.


Incident response

Need support?


Our team of industry leading experts are available to help organisations investigate, respond and recover from cyber incidents. If your business has fallen victim to a data breach, phishing scam, malicious software, mailbox compromise, fraud or any other cybercrime, we can help.


Products and innovations

Our range of essential tools developed to assess, plan, and respond to cyber risk. From expert-driven cyber risk reviews, board-level self-assessments, and digital investigations; to incident response and cyber insurance comparison tools - we constantly innovate!

A cyber insurance policy comparison engine for specialist brokers.

Understanding your organisation's risk from an attackers perspective.

A risk assessment covering questions from insurance underwriters.

A tool to help executives assess key cyber risk management strategies.

Helping insured clients investigate and recover from cyber incidents.

A one-stop-shop for SME cyber incident response and recovery.

Practical help managing cyber risk

If you need an independent team of highly qualified cyber risk, cybersecurity and digital investigation specialists…